Incubator Fun

Here is a short XtraNormal video about how to work with our incubator.  Fun concept and fun to use.  Still working on the creative side of it all.

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Incubator Update

Well I am sitting on a carpet at the United gate in Hong Kong.  Mechanical trouble.  What does that mean?  A loose bolt on some seat?  Engine not working?  Something in between no doubt.  An old Cheech and Chong routine had the character asking … hey man, have you checked the air in the tires?

The Small World Group Incubator is now up and running in Singapore.  We have 6-8 groups wrestling with plans and developments and such trying to get in.  And 2 of companies have incorporated with our encouragement so we expect full funding of these in August.

So perhaps it is time for a brief update.

Here is a set of short descriptions of some of what is coming –

  • a solar PV company focusing on personal power systems for people in the 3rd world by providing affordable portable power
  • a solar thermal company that has deep building modeling experience as well
  • an LED lighting group with focus on unique controls
  • a network equipment company where we hope to use their existing technology in some very different ways
  • an optical idea that allows new ways to acquire 3D images
  • a biology group that uses plants and other bio-active elements to improve the quality of life in homes.
  • a novel Internet input device
  • a group with novel algorithms and computer models for risk management

One constant theme has emerged.  We like companies where their markets are new and untried and where there are obvious technical and price/performance points that are compelling.  Start ups cannot expect to simply compete or somewhat better performance and especially not just on some lower price points.

Revolutionary over evolutionary.

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