Apple on a Roll

I have been a long time Mac user.  When OSX came out, it was clearly a real step up.  But over the last few years the entire offering has gathered steam.  And now it will really snowball.

The expressed strategy was to bring OSX to the iPhone and then bring the iPhone rich application and gestures to iPad.  And now that these pair of devices have such a broad application support (massive in terms of numbers of applications) the Apple folks will bring all of that back to the Mac platform.

Simple right?

But what makes it powerful is that tying all of this together will be cloud computing.

The “cloud” will allow you to create on a Mac, present on an iPad and even check details on an iPhone.  you can travel lighter, be fluid in the things you do to interact with the part of your thinking that you keep ever accessible in the cloud.  And the way you work will be broken into many more smaller apps that integrate at the presentation or document level.

There are truly elegant apps on both the iPhone and especially iPad.  And these will migrate at lightning speed back to the Macintosh platform.

Oh and one more thing, with the retinal display on iPhone 4 you will probably (next generation) have the ability to present from the iPhone by plugging in a device like they currently have for iPad.

by empowering us to communicate better independent of the resources we have on hand, they improve everybody’s effectiveness.

But you need to learn to be a good presenter, one that makes things fun, humorous, short, focused.

Game on.

PS … I feel pretty bad for Microsoft because there will be little way for them to rock this new world inside their current business model.  Changing the model is simple except that they are a public company and as they would do this their revenue will fall apart.  Very tough to compete with Apple for the next few years.  The snowball has been growing for 10 years around OSX as a platform and now the game is really changed permanently.

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