A Growing Program in Singapore

It has been 2 years since we start the Small World Group Incubator.  Much has evolved and much has stayed the same too.

We started with Dean Haritos and I as partners in this endeavor and both of us are still here.  But we have added Chong Chiet Ping and Kent Pavey as well as a junior member of our team Ken Lee.  The group works very well together and each of these people are integral to our success today.

We have funded nearly 10 companies and our pipeline remains strong and actually is strengthening in terms of interesting opportunities.  We have funded some companies outside of Singapore – notably Spinlectrix.

Our funding partner, the Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) has remained steady and together we continue to evolve this program to enhance its success.  For example NRF is seeking to expand the program to include new incubator managers along with the existing pool.  Some of the originally selected groups have become less active but the program, I believe, is being quite successful.

Some challenges have begun to emerge from the program as follow on investing is now beginning to loom for the earliest funded companies.

So what we have is a precocious 2-year-old, one who is growing but also teething and transition from walking and crawling to running.

Stay tuned.

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