A Small Prediction

I am reading the Steve Jobs biography.

In it, when he returns to Apple and takes over for Gil Amelio, he wants to kill the Newton basically because it is inelegant.  The author quotes – He disdained the idea of having a stylus or pen for writing on the screen.  “God gave us ten styluses”, he would say, waving around his fingers.  “Let’s not invent another.”

He reused this same argument at the introduction of the original iPhone … see it here … “Nobody wants a stylus” … he proclaimed some 10 years later … same sentiment.

So what will be one feature of the upcoming Apple TV that is a full screen real device (not the small box)?

Clearly I can hear the question – “Nobody wants a remote … all they do is get lost, broken, discharged” … “lets use our God given remote … our voice”

The metaphor is just as accurate.  Our voice is our version of remote communications and it is infinitely more exact and able to communicate than a pad full of buttons.

Clearly it will be one key feature.

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