Small World Incubator and Capital represent 2  arms of Small World Group.  The Incubator invests in very early stage companies, primarily in the Clean Tech and optical spaces. We work with entrepreneurs from before the potential company is even formed through the seed funding round.   Small World Capital invests in companies that have a good base including filed patents and other intellectual property, working early products, some customer feedback and some sales.  Typically we do not invest beyond Series B rounds. By that time the company, its products and people are well grounded and the company has substantial revenues.

Finisar was founded using no venture capital. The company had revenue from the first month and was profitable every year through its IPO 11 years after the founding. This experience and previous negative ones colors the type and approach to venture capital that Small World Capital takes. We do not typically engage with companies who need larger sums of capital, who expect 1-3 years of product development before experiencing any significant customer interaction or actual revenue.

The following diagram shows some of the areas of interest, some of the companies where we currently have invested and as well as listing some of the partners who sometimes invest in our companies in the later rounds.

Small World Group Incubator and Capital Funnel

For a description of these companies click here.

We are continuing to look for opportunities to work with entrepreneurs. We need to engage early, do not contact us to ask us just to participate financially. We expect and like you to be lean but not mean. Typical seed investments are between $250-600K.  Most of our seed activity today happens in Singapore where we have an established long term partnership with the Singapore National Research Foundation.  We are very actively seeking opportunities that fit our profile and funding levels.

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