How to be President (in the future)

I was particularly struck by this picture and its message –

And it made me think about the previous qualifications we have sought in our presidents and how that might change in the future.

In the past we have selected presidents who –

  • served in the US military (Bush 2, Bush 1, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Kennedy)
  • were often governors of states – Carter, Clinton, Bush 2, Reagan but not senators

But Obama breaks those rules and especially about military service.  He learned how to get people organized by being a community organizer.  In the USA military you learn how to organize people to fight in small units. Generally our presidents have not been senior military leaders now for more than 50 years (Eisenhower was the last).

But it is precisely that quality, the ability to work with large groups of people, coalitions of people with generally different personal interests that probably makes a good president today.  We are a very pluralistic society and the idea that a small town mayor/governor from one of our least populated states would be a good consensus builder for our nation is absurd.  A community organizer from Chicago (even without being Senator) probably has a better chance of understanding how to be a good president.

Once you add to that some experience in a state legislature and then in the USA Senate you see a person who understand people and then understands how to make effective laws and how to get them passed through our legislative processes.

Get prepared to be flung into the future!

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