Veni, Vidi, Cleani

I received emails from various parts of the Obama campaign and transition team (one was from Michelle Obama … did we all get personal emails??  Ha.) asking each of us to particpate in a day of national service as a prelude to the new presidency.  Barak Obama and his family will be doing this in Washington DC. I suspect there may be easy clean up there.

Anyway to geel involved, my neighbor, Barry Wilson, and I went out to do our part.  As you know I live on the San Francisco Bay and I like to Kayak.  So we took my 2 person Kayak (Barry has a pair of one person Kayaks) and some buckets and some trash sacks and so forth and went for a paddle.

Now we know of an island that is near to land in the northern part of Richardson Bay, a small bay part of the larger SF Bay.  And so we went to the island that was accessible but where humans typically do not go and began our clean up!  Here is a map of the broad area around where I live –


Now at this scale our particular island is not so visible so here it is on a magnified scale –


(these are clipped from Google Maps)

Now on our island we found perhaps 5 dozen tennis balls all pretty much bald from long term outdoor exposure, some glass bottles, a very old plastic toilet seat, and various other stuff.  Enough for 2 bags and that was all the Kayak would hold since it had to carry us back too.

What article is complete without a photo of the intrepid explorers and their treasure (or trash in this case).  So here is Barry and I posing with our trash sacks –


The point of this post is to say to all that you can do this in the next few days and be a part of the transformation that is coming.  Even if we just start by making all around us a little bit better.  That is a very good start!

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  1. Alana says:

    hey, you old coot! you’re really getting after the publication side of smallworld and i love it. especially the article about Levinson Energies and your customer from 30 years ago. i’m sorry i didn’t call you back – the taxi from the airport was shared and then i had to change hotel rooms several times (no problem, the front desk people were very kind about it) to get one in which the electricity was working. things go well here! i think i may restructure my website so i have someplace to write papers like you’ve written here – ones which you’ve been moved to write by current events in your life and the nation’s life. i love you dearly, micro.

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