Hanging Out at the Library

I have labeled 2009 as my “year of learning”.

Each year between Christmas and New Years, I try to revise my “life plan” and take stock of how things are.  This year it was particularly interesting because of the massive shift of both economics, politics and many personal elements in my life.  So to have learning be a more focused element of the next year seemed timely.

I have always been an indiscriminate reader but now this habit has been shifted into overdrive.  If for some reason you would like to see what I am reading, one good way is to find my LinkedIn page.  If you scroll down there is a section where the books are shown complete with some comments.  I hope others share reading lists with me.  Recently my daughter, Alana shared a very literary list with me and I dug into those but some were challenging!

But the real point of this essay is that all of this reading has reintroduced me to my local libraries.  For several years now, I have been pretty addicted to just dropping onto Amazon and clicking my way to a larger library.  But I find that about 50% of the books I think I will like end up being dropped by 20% through the book.  And they are not ones I want to take up shelf space long term.

Today’s libraries have collaborative relationships with others in their counties or even wider areas.  So you almost always find that they have the book.  You can have it for 2-3 weeks for free and no shelf space is taken up.  Of the last 10 books, I really liked “Outliers” and bought a copy (Amazon again) but the others did not get across the new and higher threshold.

So try going back to your local library.  See get a card and see what they can get for you.  Find out how to use them from your home by reserving books on line.  I even found that they keep some books now in soft copy form so that you can read them instantly from home.  This was especially for computer language books.

Try it.  And let me know what you find.

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