Amazing Skype

Well it has been some time since I posted a purely nerdy essay.

I am writing this from Singapore.  As many of you know, Singapore is a country that may be the most modern on earth.  It has great public transportation, great universities (NUS, NTU, SMU and new one!) that are world ranked.  It is a country that continually transforms itself.

I purchased a new iPhone 3Gs a couple of days ago and retired my previous originaly 4 GB iPhone which Apple only sold for 1 week !  So it was unique.

Anyway, the new phone is faster and takes better pictures and video but that is not the point of this post.

Today, I connected to WiFi in my hotel room in Singapore and called the USA using Skype on the iPhone and the call made using the phone for placing this call almost as simple as the normal way.  But the sound quality was perfect.  No pops, clicks no skips.  Wow.  The folks in Indiana on the other end also commented.

And the call cost $0.02 per minute versus the $2 per minute offered by ATT with my special overseas discount.

Key here is that the phone works just like an iPhone.  You talk and listen, can use a head set and so forth.  So all you need is this same device you use and carry anyway.

I used to carry quite a bit of gear so that I could use my laptop computer for this purpose but that was always more challenging.  This was simple and no extra stuff.

Amazing.  And Skype is a free application for the iPhone so you download and go!  Must set up an account and pay for the minutes you use, I typically purchase $10 every year or so and this is 500 minutes of use.

Try it!

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