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Yesterday I presented Small World Group’s Incubator proposal to Singapore’s National Research Foundation. We were one of 15 proposals that were asked to present from out of the 30 submittals.

The NRF review committee had taken on a herculean task of interviewing 15 incubator managers from around the world all in a single day.  Wow.  My presentation was towards the end of this day and I was able to keep it short and cut to questions and answers quickly.

NRF documents say they expect to award a few of these proposals with actual funding, perhaps 3 or 4.  Competition was very strong with proposals from Israel, USA, New Zealand and several other countries.  So it is not clear if Small World Group’s proposal will be selected.

Nevertheless, as we prepared for the proposal and then the final presentation, we learned quite a bit and we put together a basic structure for interacting with people interested in working with us.  This website and it’s Incubator tab are starting points for those wishing to find out more about where we hope to go should we be selected.

Please take a look, wander around both the site and our information Hub that is online as well.  You will need to write to us to get access permission for the Hub.

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