It’s Not About US(A)

This winter has been a bit colder than normal in Indiana and certainly this seems to be so for much of the USA.

And so because I am a tree hugging climate nut, I get the inevitable questions.  They go something like this –

If global warming is happening like you say, why is it so cold?

If global warming is as important as you say, why are we having a record cold day in Indianapolis?

And the simple answer to this is to start with the first part of the question.  Each question is about Global Warming and not about the local impact of this global trend in Indianapolis, Philadelphia or Memphis.

For a clear rendition of the state of global climate the best site with the most succinct  and easy to read message is here.

But let me quote from it for those unwilling to click through –

“The years 2001-2008 rank among the ten warmest years of the 130-year (1880-2009) record and 2009 will certainly join them as one of the ten warmest years of the global surface temperature record.”


The challenge for our civilization is to stop thinking locally.  Our local data is only part of the whole.  There will be locally hotter and colder areas but global warming is happening.  Make no mistake.  And there is absolutely general consensus that the sooner we all work together to make changes the better off we will all be.

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  1. It seems that there is a confusion between Global Warming and Climate Change that we are forgetting (i.e. Global Warming being a part of a multitude of attributes contributing towards Climate Change). Totally agree with Frank here!

    The issue at large that is in focus is the holistic impacts of Climate Change of which one of the more severe aspects is Global Warming and that of the less known Cooling effects.

    As rightly pointed out in the above brief “make no mistake. And there is absolutely general consensus that the sooner we all work together to make changes the better off we will all be.” Most of the cooling phenomenon that we are experiencing is in the Northern Hemisphere and thus the focus on such a harsh and severe winter. What about the South?

    Until a few days ago there were hardly any reports on the extreme conditions being faced by the Southern Hemisphere resulting in heat and drought. One must not forget that the climate is a system which is perpetually balancing itself; when you find a tipping on one side there will be, for sure, counteractive natural response towards correction.

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