Watching a Team Win

Those of you who read this Blog may not know that I graduated from Butler University.  Yes the same Butler that is now in the NCAA Basketball championship game.  All of the other schools have 10,000 students or more (typically sizes are more than 20,000 students) but Butler has only 4,000.  And more importantly the players for this scrappy team all generally graduate; they are math, pharmacy, accounting majors so they graduate with real and first rate college bachelors degrees.

Now what makes watching these games so enjoyable in addition to the fact I attended this place is that this group plays as a team.  I may be wrong, but these fellows may not be headed to the NBA, but this weekend is not about the NBA.  It is about which team is best.  And so far, it has been a tourney to watch just for the Butler team play.  They play a slower game, pass to each other, compensate for missed opportunities for  one another.  And in the end it all adds up to a different game of basketball.

Looking at the brackets it is clear that most of the other winning teams have scored typically 70, 80, even 90 points in their games.  Butler has won most of its games by scoring in the low 50s.  Patience.  Team work.  Disrupting the other team’s rhythm.  So very different.

One game to go at this point.  And the outcome is far from certain.  But certainly it will be one worth watching.  And if Butler wins, you can watch the movie in 25 years that sensationalizes this cinderella moment that Tuesday you can see live.


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