Life and Thought

Time for a thinking piece. If you don’t like mushy stuff, skip this one.

Several people I know well have passed on in the last few months. And times like that make you reflect on their lives and your own.

I also urge you to reflect on how each of us must work to live a life well.  It is the most amazing and precious gift in the universe.  Life.  The fact that our thoughts can change matter is very deep.  We think and the earth changes even now at the macro level (= climate change) but still it is thought that moves chemicals at the most minute level and eventually my fingers move and type this to you.  What about that?

Lew Aronson was Finisar’s Chief Scientist. He had cancer for about 8 years, and it was through his thinking that he lasted so long. He learned all he could about his disease and even started a foundation to find a cure. It was a rare form of cancer so not much was known. Normally people have a couple of years but Lew lived to see much of his children’s growth years.

During most of that time, Lew continued inventing. He was the father of the SFP+ and laserwire to name 2 current products that are still in prime production and that carry a significant amount of the Internet’s traffic today. His thoughts now embodied in to products bring you this web page, at least for some of you. His thoughts.

Not convinced?

OK then listen to the astronomer … there is no body in the known universe that looks like earth at night. Lit up, showing our coastlines and major cities and major highways. We thought and we invented and we built and we tore down and built again … and it can be seen today from VERY far away. We thought … and evolved.

So it is with the thoughts that a Grandmother or Dad shared with you that are no longer here.  They have made you some of what you are today.  Maybe a bit taller, smarter or more joyous or a love for a certain kind of food, sport or music. They thought and yet is you who still act out the outcome of those thoughts. Are they dead if that thought still drives you?

And so Dean and I hope it will be with the Singapore Incubator we have started. We are thinking how to make a 1% difference in our world. We are working on crazy ideas to bring power and elements of modern life to the poorest of people. We are helping to start companies that will use the sun’s heat to make more efficient air conditioning. But through it all it is our thoughts that will make the difference and the thoughts of those who we encourage to work with us to start these companies.

Think and live … guess that is the point.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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