Global Medici Effect

There is a wonderful book – “The Medici Effect” written by Frans Johansson that I recommend.

In the book the author establishes how the life in Florence, Italy under this powerful family flourished and gave rise to the Renaissance.  Key is that there was substantial diversity encouraged in the realm of ideas but also in practical matters such as different races and types of people.  Johansson proposes it is the friction between different people, different points of view that leads to extreme creativity.

So I wonder today if this friction is beginning to exist on the internet?

Do the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouNoodle drive the level of creativity higher than in the past.  And if so, what are the benefits as well as challenges this presents?

To me one of the key challenges is that ideas move around very quickly and can move from places where IP is protected to places where it is not. We must soon establish some sort of uniform IP provisions for the world that are able to be enforced and provide benefit to the inventors as well as society.

I will write more on this later.

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