Great Questions!

Like all of us, I get asked to fill out surveys so very frequently.  All surveys ask questions like – “please rate this service from 1 to 5 where 5 is great and 1 is terrible”.  And if the service or functions I am asked to rate matters to me I try to complete them.  But honestly this is rare because the results of such surveys are not very helpful because the survey is designed to confirm things that the sponsoring organization or person already believes true.

There are better ways to construct surveys.  To me one of the very best is along the lines of Meyers-Briggs tests.  In these tests you are asked a series of questions that force choices.  The best example is – “Do you prefer mercy or justice?”  Now, of course, nearly all people prefer to be associated with both qualities.  But in this test you can only choose one or the other.  In making this choice you are forced to reveal some aspect about yourself and your thinking.  (let’s hold this thought for just a moment!)

LinkedIn is basically an online resume service.  Yes it has people connections but …

When you get a LinkedIn request don’t you accept most of them without much thinking?  Why not increase your “network”.  So what if many of the links that build up have little value or reflect connections that you honestly trust.

So along comes Mixtent and this provides Meyers-Briggs like focus to the relationships you have on LinkedIn.  Wow.  It takes time but there is a way to clean up things on LinkedIn and it remains anonymous.

I encourage many of you to give it a try!

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