Year End Prognostications – Apple

It has become fan-boy heaven to predict and have “insider” information to know better where Apple is going.  The easy part is to predict newer processors A4 – A5 – (what do you think comes next) or since we know Intel’s roadmap for the next 2+ years that also helps.

But what about the real innovation you will see in the product line.  Well I am going to lay down some suggestions and you can come back to me in 1-2 years and see how it went –

  • first the laptops will become more like MacBook Airs as they drop the CD/DVD drives forever.  And there will certainly be some sort of MacBook Air/iPad hybrid that runs OSX in one config and iOS in another config but uses a single file system.
  • In the hardware front, what would make these systems so much nicer is to always have some large SSD or solid state disk drive.  But why only that, why not a mix of Flash and rotating storage.  One that is blazing fast and one that is both huge and lasts for very long time.  And make the file system so that the users don’t see it as 2 drives.
  • For that matter, why not make all 3 drives in such systems or the 2 drives that most systems have today?  2 drives you say?  yes, the cloud is drive #2 and it will grow … yes it is slow but so what, it is only used for small content storage from computer to cloud.  Users just don’t create that much content.
  • Next, it would be so nice for there to be an iPad that was really structured for older people.  Simple, never any issue about peripherals, back ups, syncing, updating and other things.  Optionless computing for those of the pre-computer generation and others who really only want web browsing and such.  Problem now is iPad is still a techy toy.
  • iPad may be marginalized compared to the other 2 platforms.  iPhone is clearly for talk +++, but not for content creation.  Mac is for content creation and when needed lugging around.  iPad is for ??? or reading.
  • iPhone moves to become your wallet and not a moment too soon.  The wallet is the last thing that I still have in my pocket (except for chapstick).  But in doing this I think it has to include more than NFC and what this will be is biometric level security.  What we lack today is a device that consistently authenticates that I am me … period.  Imagine if the iPhone had finger print recognition and maybe even layered on top of that is retina scanning by the internal camera.  Unless coercion was involved this would be a very much safer version of the wallet.  Passports next anyone?  iPhone could even unlock your computer, car, house, etc.

As an aside, the book “Daemon” is a must read for people who think computer security is just about virus, spam and phishing.  It is so much more and there are unreported attacks now that are deeply disturbing but are being kept from the news carefully by corporations who have been deeply hacked.

  • The other threads out there are about Apple moving into other forms of consumer electronics – TVs, gaming?, etc.  But in a sense they are already there.  Gaming?  I bet it is the major use for iPads today in terms of use time.  TV?  Sure if you want to pay too much for something that is already pretty well done.
  • Finally, iCloud will be so deeply embedded into the Apple community in 2-3 years but so transparent that you will wonder what you did before.  Like today how 3.5″ floppy drives feel compared to Flash thumb drives.

Glad there is not a time machine so that my mistakes cannot be written about tomorrow.  Ha!

So there are my predictions.

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