How many functions can you carry in a cell phone?

It is reported that Bill Joy was one of the first to see that smart cell phones could incorporate so many different functions in to a single device.

So it is that today we don’t carry separate digital camera, PDA, music player, video player, compass, GPS/maps/route planner.

So what’s left?

For many people … very little. But for those that create content, they still carry about a laptop so that they can use this tool for their creative amplifier.

So how close are we to dropping that? Closer than you think.

The iPhone 5s has the Apple designed A7, dual core 64-bit processor which is very close to what I am using to create this blog. Now my workstation is a MacBook Pro, has 4 cores instead of 2 and has quite a bit more main memory but the rest of it is ready to fall. If I travel with the iPhone 6S in 2 years how close will they get? Convergence.

I used to need large HDD (hard disk drives) for local storage but the cloud has nullified and made that obsolete. I used to like having a CD/DVD player burner but that too is dying. I do want a keyboard and I need a mouse instead of a touch screen to make many tasks optimal.

But …

Soon we can kill off the laptop complete because it will be integrated into the phone or tablet maybe.

How will this be done? I suspect we will see a phone what can run both OS simultaneously. iOS will be for real time functions including voice and video comms, maps, chats, navigating the real world in real time. And OSX will be there when we drop into creative mode and want big screens, more precise formatting, placement and the tools whereby to explain ideas.

Both could exist and run simultaneously on what I would project would be the A8 but by the A9 it will be fully complete.

Imagine a world where hotels have digital displays where hooking up your phone in some docking cradle that includes charging … oops the rooms today already have that … you only need to make the digital connection. And the Display Share of Apple TV gives you that without any cables or other claptrap. You might still carry a mouse and keyboard but these are light and do not require heavy support on the road. At home you have these 3 elements to transform the phone into the workstation.

But in general you are carrying your workstation with you all the time and it is always there to support your creative moments.

All this has one HUGE benefit for Apple. As they dump Intel, they will reinstate their lost element of surprise pretty completely. Right now all of their workstation Macintosh computers have their roadmaps published essentially by Intel. You want a Mac, today it is basically the Haswell specs. Right?

When a technology is so clearly able to benefits the users and the makers of it – win-win – it will show up. Only question is how quick?

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