To my daughters

Dear Rose, Alana and Becky –

I am writing to you today to share with you my deep concern about what the candidacy of Donald Trump represents.

Riane Eisler makes the point in her masterwork – The Chalice and the Blade –  that the progress women have made in the last 60 years has elevated their status as high as it has ever been.

Jim Garrett writes  – “The point of Eisler’s study of prehistory and ancient history is to show that the domination of the male gender over the female gender is not an eternal and inevitable feature of human social organization, that another type of society, a Partnership society rooted in gender equality, is possible.”

Today that society is beginning to be well entrenched.  Just under 100 years ago women were given the right to vote in the USA Constitution.  This was followed in the intervening years with steady improvements in women’s pay equality, service in the military, rights to control their bodies, and so forth.  Each of you are in control of your own lives.  I would have it no other way.  But so many more women have so much less freedom and personal control of their lives.

Unfortunately, all of this can be undone – even women like you who have claim and exercise their rights can lose them – in almost no time at all.  In many other societies on the Earth today women’s rights are much worse or non-existent as you know.  The Catholic and Mormon Churches continue to have 2nd class citizenship for women; this is even worse for the world’s more than half a billion Muslim women.

To me, the real hope for our world is that women continue to grow in their participation to full partnership and equality with men.  Nothing less will work and nothing less can save us all.  Women intrinsically see the value of all life – human, animal and plants.  Women innately value the earth and our environment and see that renewable and sustainable approaches must be embraced and further developed quickly.  Women know how long it takes to raise the next generation and how much patience this requires.

Men have been objectifying women for centuries.  We men go through a hormonal period in our teen years where our feelings and emotions see huge swings.  During these formative years we see problem solutions more through the lens of quick resolution, through fighting rather than patient negotiations and discussion.  When you think of the term “bully” it is almost exclusively applied to men.  We are broadly physically stronger and tend to use that to get our way.  In simple family relationships, this results in domination, in countries it results in outcomes that are much worse – wars, starvation, corruption for personal gain.

So it is with these thoughts in mind that I encourage you to –

It is true today that so many people feel the fall election will be an easy win for Hillary but I worry it will not be so.  Bully’s tend to win unless people broadly stand up to them.  Trump has money, bluster, is willing to lie and distort facts to a level we have not seen and his core supporters believe he is telling the truth.

It is to the women of the USA that this defeating of Donald Trump must fall.  You all have to see it as a personal and direct affront to your rights and future.  Please find ways to feel so strongly about this that you get all you know to share this message.  We don’t want to let the past accomplishments come undone after being so hard won.

Much Love,

Dad (Frank Levinson)


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