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Small World Group Incubator regularly provides seed funding, mentoring and help to start and grow small companies.  Here is a list of our companies.

Small World Group Incubator (SWGI) operates under the Singapore National Research Foundation (NRF) Technology Incubation Scheme.  You can find out a bit about the TIS or Technology Incubation Scheme through these links (1), (2), (3).

Interactions with NRF from January to June 2010 culminated in documents that we use to do our fundings.

SWGI focuses on 3 areas of technology innovation – clean tech, optical systems and advanced materials .  These are areas of both passion and expertise for us.  We will also look at  some special opportunities outside our core on a very selective basis.

The SWG Incubator accepts unsolicited business plans.  However we expect to start more companies by using the substantial IP and working technology from Singapore’s rich ecosystem in their Universities and Institutes.  We will also import some opportunities from abroad.  All execution will be here in Singapore.  Generally we will not be working with existing companies.  Our level of funding precludes this being practical.

There are 5 partners who are managing directors for the incubator –

  • Frank Levinson –
  • Dean Haritos –
  • Chong Chiet Ping –
  • Kent Pavey –
  • Maya Boguslavsky –
  • Cindy Calderon –
  • Ken Lee –

Frank and Dean spend 4 weeks out of 6 in Singapore.  Kent and Dean spend about 1/3 of their time in Singapore.  Chiet Ping lives in Singapore and was with HP here for 33 years before joining us.  Maya is our legal counsel and Cindy acts as our CFO.  Ken Lee is an intern who helps everywhere!   Our offices are located near Fusionopolis at 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #07-05  Singapore 139951.

All of the partners have technical or business degrees and all have held senior operating positions in both large and small companies.  We have led companies through the IPO process and also been active in many acquisitions.  We do not think of ourselves as money managers so our Incubator is more  technology, process and customer/sales/marketing focused.   While each partner weighs in on every deal it is typical for Frank to be more focused on technology, Chris on customers and markets, Dean on operations and process and Kent and Chiet Ping on teams and company operations.  Together we feel that the team is balanced and able to really help any new startup we fund.  We are very hands on in our approach to the start up process.

Frank keeps his location calendar available here.

If you have an idea or if you are interested in working with us please email us to get things started.

Our Process

To get a company fully funded in the Incubator (which we call phase 1) you have to complete a phase 0 where we work with you to write the business plan, to also fill out the paper work of commitments we make to the Singapore NRF and to really stress test all of the basic premises of the business plan.  We work to be very certain that groups receiving funding have gone through a process of becoming their own best critics.  Phase 0 lasts for 60-180 days.

Phase 1 results in funding of up to S$588,235 and we anticipate that this funding will last the company around 12-18 months.  We have an open model and a set of systems that each of our ventures adopts whereby their accounting systems, planning systems and other elements are all on line.  We can therefore interact with each of the companies and their leaders  over the web no matter where we are at the moment.

We have funded 11 companies so far and plan to start upwards of 30 companies over the next 3 years.  Get in touch if this sounds like fun!

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