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WaveFront Dynamics is an early-stage medical device company with innovative wavefront diagnostic technology for use in the vision care industry. The company plans to leverage the dynamic measurements to yield new insights into assessing visual performance, advancing treatment options, and improving quality of life for the visually impaired.

Sonic Incytes has developed a breakthrough, point of care ultrasound solution for assessing and managing chronic liver disease—an emerging global health epidemic, affecting one in four persons worldwide. Sonic Incytes’ portable, handheld solution uses technology similar to MRI elastography, quantifying liver disease using 3D tissue sampling.

Broadspot is developing a suite of portable, high resolution, ultra-wide-field imaging devices for eye care and other medical diagnostic applications. The company leverages advanced imaging technologies and small-scale, cloud-connected electronics to replace bulky, expensive diagnostic instruments with cost-effective handheld instruments and services.

Canopy Power designs, builds, sells and supports microgrids for remote or off-grid electrical power applications. Canopy integrates solar, batteries and generators together with smart inverters to make compelling solutions that provide solid cost and reliability advantages.

Matralix is an advanced materials company aiming to revolutionize the encapsulation industry by developing precision encapsulation systems that significantly enhance the productivity of formulations scientists and the quality of the final product over conventional batch methods.

Nucleus Dynamics is a medical device startup that works with patients, hospitals and doctors to help them manage chronic wounds more effectively, thus enabling more efficient use of hospital resources and doctors.

Rapsodo develops data-driven sports technologies designed to empower athletes and coaches analyze and improve their game. Rapsodo’s products combine optics, hardware and software to bring a dramatic twist to target markets.

Spinlectrix designs, builds and tests novel energy storage based on flywheels. The Spinlectrix design is radically different from previous approaches and allows for much higher performance at very low costs to meet the needs for grid level energy storage.


Vixar (acquired by OSRAM) designs and manufactures visible and near-IR optical components and systems based on their own designs for vertical cavity lasers (VCSELs). They reduce power consumption in handheld devices, improve the motion control sensors, and enhance office peripheral or vehicle/home networks.

Daylight Solutions (acquired by Leonardo DRS) designs and manufactures advanced molecular detection and imaging instruments.  Their core technology – tunable lasers – provides significant advancement in medical diagnostics, security, military, and industrial or environmental monitoring.

Smart Animal Husbandry Care (SAHC) is a Singapore clean tech startup company that provides systems for monitoring animal health in industrial scale agribusiness; client benefits include improved production as well as improved animal health.