Strategic Partners
Work With Us

Must be only in the areas of:

  • Advanced materials
  • Optics
  • Clean tech

Your round must be
$250K – $1M; chances of
getting our seed level
funding reduces the 
closer they get to
needing $1M.

Ideally the plan and/or the
presentation includes
information about the ideas,
protecting IP, team members,
financial plan, sales strategy
and key partnerships
that you may have or need.

Include both a presentation
in PDF or PPT format as well as
a business plan in PDF or
.DOC formats.

Include the link to a video 
of the product, team and 
vision of the future.

We are driven to sift through the many plans we receive annually to find the 1-2 teams where engagement makes sense and where our partnership with the company can provide access to early large customers, funded Joint Development Agreements, and introductions to potential acquirers.  The areas of tech where we invest are not so fashionable but we’re okay being uncool. In the areas of clean tech, optics and advanced materials we believe we are the go-to firm for seed funding.

Our due diligence typically lasts 60-180 days. It comprises working directly with entrepreneurs to stress-test the fundamental premise of their business plan. We make certain they learn to be their own best critics.

We have an open model and a set of systems that each venture adopts. Accounting systems, planning systems and other elements are all online. This allows us to interact with company leaders over the web, no matter where on the planet we are.